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1220 Somerton Road

Oaklands Junction Vic 3063 


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Monday to Friday:   9.30am to 5.00pm

Saturday: 9.30am -1pm

Sunday: 3pm -5pm


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About Us - Boarding Kennel & Cattery Melbourne  

Ponderosa is a family run  Cat  and  Dog  Boarding Kennel business. We have many years experience of caring for
animals in various capacities, from obedience to showing and breeding and also judging dogs.
With 30+ years of constant caring for our pets we are pleased to care for your Cat or Dog.


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Two Puppies at Ponderosa Boarding Kennel with Trinity

Our Team

Fran Tantaro the Manager of Ponderosa together with her husband Vince have some 35 years experience in the dog world.  Fran has been an obedience instructor and has a way with dogs.  Fran is often referred to as the Cat whisperer, and the Ponderosa is home to one feline Bee (as in Queen B) who was a stray who came to stay.  Bee likes greeting clients when she is in the office, and often puts her nose into any paperwork that clients present. 
Vince Tantaro is a breed surveyor and judge and together with Fran has bred, shown and looked after Stud Dogs for others during this time.   Vince is enjoying the rural feel to the place with the big gum trees and the outdoors approach to life.  The proximity to the airport and the flow of planes going overhead reminds us of the contrast of Suburban living only 5 mins away to the country feel of the 10 acres that Ponderosa offers.
The late Andrew Jones saw the potential of Ponderosa from many a time driving past.  With a keen sense of purpose he worked with other family members to upgrade and update the establishment.  Andrew had a background of breeding, showing and handling German Shepherd dogs, and was also a Show Judge.  Andrew, together with his wife Rachel Jones who has been part of the dog fraternity since a small child, have bred and imported dogs from Germany and the Netherlands.  They are passionate people who are driven to do better.  The couple with their children have experience with many dogs and a cat called Puss who tussles with their young son for bed space.  The family have a real enjoyment for their pets and will ensure they extend this to all they are introduced to.
With nearly a lifetime of dogs and cats in their lives it seems life at the Ponderosa is to enrich their lives further.  The different personalities and quirks' of each animal definitely makes them unique and ensures that each are assessed and techniques modified to ensure your pet get's the right type of attention.  We understand.


We have a great team of staff who enjoy being around and working with pets.  Their attitude and love for animals is proven every day, and we can happily say they enjoy being here, doing what is an enviable job of interaction and professional care for your pets.

We are always looking for ways to improve how we care for our pets, customers, and property.  If you have any suggestions on how we could do better for you, please let us know.  Just send us an email.  We care.


Here is the results of a recent questionnaire (pre Covid) put to our clients:


How was your first experience with us?

A (Excellent) : 94%

B (Pretty good) : 6%


Did we meet expectations?

A (Excellent) : 94%

B (Pretty good) : 6%


Do (does) your pet(s) enjoy the experience at Ponderosa?

A (Excellent) : 88%

B (Pretty good) : 12%



Do you have any questions of us, that we can help with?

  • No
  • Show people around
  • All good, very experienced operator
  • Keep up the good work
  • All good


Is there something we could do better to make your experience with us better?

  • No
  • Show people around  (Our response to this is that we are happy to show people around, but need to set a time aside so that we are available, and are not disturbing the dogs' dinner or playtimes.  Busy times mean that we cannot stop to accommodate such a request, but rest assured we are proud of the accommodation which the animals enjoy whilst here.  So, please book a convenient time to inspect if you wish to.)
  • Excellent. Highly recommend
  • My dog loves it there, so I love it


Thank you for your input, we would like to listen and understand how we may be able to help you and your pet(s) better enjoy their stay now and in the future.  Just tell us please.

  • We really appreciate your services. As does Roxy!
  • We have used a couple of different places for Chairman when we travel - and he typically fights like crazy to avoid going in. Here at Ponderosa however he is always happy to go in and with how easy it is with the airport right here it works out great for us too!
  • Drop off and pick up is a breeze
  • All good
  • Thanks for helping me understand what to do to stop the jumping
  • I love the advice given on my dogs' quirks from well experienced staff, that has been so helpful
  • Thanks for staying late

Sunset at the Ponderosa